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===LED addresses===
===LED addresses===
===Firmware Dumps===
===Firmware Dumps===
* A2600 firmware version '''1.00C''' by [ merxator]
* A2600 firmware version '''1.00D''' by [ nafraf]
{{DL dumps}}
===Porting process and links===
* [ A2600 porting thread]

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The Powershot A2600 was released on Jan 7th 2012


CHDK is not available for the Powershot A2600 yet

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Technical DataEdit

The use of ver.req to determine your firmare version may not work. It is recommended you use the ACID utility to determine your firmware version.

For DevelopersEdit

LED addressesEdit

Firmware DumpsEdit

  • A2600 firmware version 1.00C by merxator
  • A2600 firmware version 1.00D by nafraf

Porting process and linksEdit

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