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Canon EOS 500D, Digital Rebel T1i, Kiss Digital X3


CHDK NOT ported on EOS 500D, Magic Lantern port in progress.

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Technical DataEdit

  • Digic IV image processor
  • DryOS operating system (DRYOS version 2.3, release #0023)
  • Sensor: Approximately 15.1 million effective pixels, 22.3 x 14.9mm CMOS
  • Image ratio (w:h): 3:2
  • Max resolution: 4752 x 3168
  • 3.0" TFT, approx. 920K dots
  • ISO 100-3200 expandable to 12800
  • Shutter speed: 30-1/4000 sec (1/2 or 1/3 stop increments), Bulb
  • Continuous Drive: 3.4 fps. (speed maintained for up to 170 images (JPEG), 9 images (RAW))
  • Auto Focus: TTL-CT-SIR, 9 focus points
  • Spot Metering
  • Video Modes: HD (16:9)1920 x 1080P -20fps, 1280x720P -30fps, SD(4:3) 640 x 480 -30fps
  • Power: rechargeable Li-ion battery LP-E5, 1080 mAh
  • Storage: SD/SDHC-card
  • Weight: 480g (Body only)
  • Dimensions: 128.8 x 97.5 x 61.9 mm

Firmware info Edit

New firmware available, Firmware Update Version 1.1.0

Canon T1i Firmware Page

---.fir header---
0x000: modelId = 0x80000252, (500D / T1i, DryOS)
0x010: version = 1.1.0
0x020: checksum = 0xc16477ac 
0x024: updater1 header = 0xb0
0x028: updater1 offset = 0x120
0x02c: updater2 offset = 0xffffffff
0x030: firmware offset = 0x1a1b40
0x034: 0xffffffff
0x038: embedded file size = 0x7db55c
0x03c: 0x0
0x040: sha1 seed = 0x339fb27b
0x044: 0x00000004 0x00000000 0x00000020 0x00000024 0x00000044 0x000000b0 0x001a1a90
0x060: 0x1a1b40
0x064: firmware length = 0x639a1c
0x068: updater1 hmac-sha1 = ea7c74ca26ad91813fad1f19533d2705a91984fd
0x088: firmware hmac-sha1 = 2a0351cf9a8ec629d66fdc1a52c27ea683bd2f15
---updater1 header---
0x0b0: updater1 length = 0x1a1a20. starts at 0x120
0x0b4: 0x1a1a1c
0x0b8: 0x0
0x0bc: xor seed value = 0xca863c46
0x120: --- updater1 (ciphered) ---
---firmware header---
0x1a1b40: (+0x000), offset to decryption data = 0xc
0x1a1b44: (+0x004), offset to encrypted data = 0x7c. starts at 0x1a1b40
0x1a1b48: (+0x008), total firmware length (including header) = 0x639a1c. starts at 0x1a1b40
0x1a1b4c: (+0x00c), firmware length (encrypted part) = 0x6399a0. starts at 0x1a1bbc
---firmware (encrypted)---
0x1a1bbc: (+0x07c)

Version informationEdit (pulled from hexedit of photo, uncertain, camera reports 1.0.9 in menu)

For DevelopersEdit

LED addressesEdit

<insert found addresses here>

Dumps Edit

  • firmware dump 500D / T1i 1.1.0: RapidShare dl link, also available from the DSLR CHDK dumps repository.

Alternative download location for firmware dumps:
DSLR firmware dumps mirror

Magic Lantern supportEdit

Magic Lantern is now widely accepted as the replacement for CHDK on this camera The Magic Lantern firmware has recently added a unified firmware for the 550D,60D,500D,50D,and 600D (With upcoming support for the 1100D).

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